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So many reasons to start

Publish the course you want, in the way you want, and always have of control your own content.

Teach what you know and help learners explore their interests, gain new skills, and advance their careers.

Expand your professional network, build your expertise, and earn money on each paid enrollment.

What does it take?

  • A great deal of passion for teaching and sharing knowledge
  • Domain expertise with relevant certifications
  • Strong communication and presentation skills required
  • A commitment to developing and delivering best-in-class training to a global audience

Record your video

  • Use basic tools like a smartphone or a DSLR camera. Add a good microphone and you’re ready to start.
  • If you don’t like being on camera, just capture your screen. Either way, we recommend two hours or more of video for a paid course.

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  • Gather your first ratings and reviews by promoting your course through social media and your professional networks.
  • Your course will be discoverable in our marketplace where you earn revenue from each paid enrollment.

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