Refund Policy

In the event the program you have purchased isn't the thing you were expecting, so that you can request for the refund of your money, within the 30 days of your purchase of the program, that Umezy will apply a refund to your account as a refund credit or a refund to your original payment method, at our circumspection, depending upon capacities of our payment service provider, the place from which you have bought your program (site, mobile or TV application), and any other factors. No refund will be initiated if you demand it after the 30 day full money back guarantee time limit has gone. On the other hand, the program that you have previously purchased is disabled for legal or policy reasons, applicant will be entitled to a refund beyond the 30 day full money back guarantee time limit. Umezy additionally reserves the right to refund applicants beyond the 30 day limit in instances of suspected or confirmed account fraud. To demand a refund, follow the step by steps procedure from here. As nitty gritty in the Instructor Terms, instructors concur that applicants reserve the right to get these discounts. If an applicant gets a refund credits to their account, then it will automatically get applied while they are going to buy the other program from our website, but it can’t be utilized for purchases in our mobile or TV applications. Refund credits have no cash value and may get expired if not used within the specified period of time. At our discretion, if we observe that you are mishandling with our refund policy, for example, in the event that you've consumed a huge portion of your desired program for which you want the refund or if you have previously refunded the program, we reserve the authority to deny your refund, limit you from other future refunds, ban or boycott your account, and/or restrict all future utilization of the Services. In the event that we boycott your account or debilitate your access for the program to these Terms or our Trust & Safety Guidelines, you won't be qualified to get a refund.

Free Trials & Renewals

Your membership might begin with a free trial. The term of the free trial period for testing of your membership will be specified during the sign-up. Umezy decides free trial qualification at our sole prudence and may restrict eligibility or the time duration. We reserve the authority to end the free trial and suspend your membership on the off chance if we reserve that you're not qualified. We will charge the membership expense for your next billing cycle after the end of your free trial time for testing. Your membership will consequently renew as per your membership settings (e.g., month to month or yearly) unless if you cancel your membership before the last date of your free trial period. For more data on the most proficient method to see material applicable expenses and dates of your free trial time for testing, visit our Support Page.

How to resolve the issue

In the event of you have any question, our Support Team is eager to assist and resolve your issue.

How to Contact Us

Get in touch with us through the contact our Support Team. We would love to resolve your query, answer your questions, and hear your concerns and feedback about the Service we are providing.

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